Perimeter Security Group is proud to offer the Ameristar Stalwart integrated cable system for the Impasse fencing product line. This system utilizes a cable and rail technique to create an anti-ram defense against vehicular impacts, forced entry, and ballistic attacks. The Stalwart system is capable of achieving a M50 or K-12 rating by the DOS.  The M50 or K-12 designation applies to barrier systems capable of bringing a 15,000 lb truck traveling at 50 miles per hour to a complete stop within one meter at the plane of impact.


PSG provides architectural bollard designs to bring environmental and aesthetic enhancements to any site while providing the highest vehicle protection with crash ratings.   Bollards are aesthetically pleasing and allow pedestrians to move between them in non-roadway applications.  They are available with a variety of decorative cast covers that are designed to reflect architectural details of the facility.  You can specify cast sleeves of aluminum, fiberglass, or brushed stainless steel to be placed over the crash tube. Bollards may be fitted with internal warning lights for increased visibility and engineered to suit high-traffic volumes.   PSG also offers rolled bronze plaques, which can be mounted on the bollard body displaying the organization’s logo.